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From Megan McArdle:
Life is rather too short to spend it getting angry at remote strangers.
To which I'd add: It's also too short to spend it getting angry at petty slights, not-so-remote strangers, friends, family...

You might say, "Unfortunately, it's impossible not to waste time getting angry."  To which I respond: You may be unable to avoid being angry, but getting angry is much more under your control.

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Walt writes:

It is far better to get angry at remote strangers than to get angry at the guy next to you who can punch you in the face.

ThomasL writes:

Life is too short to spend it paying taxes for remote strangers.

MikeN writes:

I bet Bruce Banner would disagree with you. If the Incredible Hulk paid taxes, he would probably tear the AIG building down.

The Sheep Nazi writes:

He'd be tearing down the wrong building, which would be a typical Hulk bonehead move.

H. writes:

Anger makes life more exciting.

Snark writes:

Wiser still:

"No man resolved to make the most of himself can spare time for personal contention." - A. Lincoln

Riz Din writes:

I don't know. It all seems rather broad and general. Anger is found throughout the animal kingdom, and perhaps it serves a purpose - indeed, I can imagine instances where no anger will lead to a shorter life.

Of course, everything is a poison when taken in excess.

Methinks writes:

I bet Bruce Banner would disagree with you. If the Incredible Hulk paid taxes, he would probably tear the AIG building down.

Why? AIG is nothing more than a government conduit for TARP funds from Treasury to foreign banks and other institutions which the Fed and Treasury can't for legal and political reasons fund directly.

david friedlander writes:

There is not one ounce of logic in the post. If the author was presenting a universal axiom well...... life is too short to worry about this theft, robbery, murder, rape and other sligh that is happenning to others (in the case of AIG it's happenning to the taxpayer). Apparently the author would understand if the police just "didn't care" if he called 911 during a burglary.

Tom writes:

David, you need to calm down and not get so angry! Put down the pitchfork and take a deep breath. Now count to ten before and after reading the following question: When did murder become a petty slight?

david friedlander writes:

a massive transfer of wealth to an elite number of underserving executives (AIG executives who made their company bankrupt) is a justifiable reason to be very angry - it is a forth of theft under the guise of "meritocracy". It is a form of financial terrorism far more insidious than the so called terrorism committed by millions of Iraqis in a bodybag. It is easy for the authory to sit on his high horse in the ivory tower and ridicule people who are angry at the outright injustice of the situation.

The Sheep Nazi writes:

I don't care if you are angry or not. I expect you not to incite violence, nor to give a nod and a wink to those who do, even indirectly (say for example by comparing bankers to suicide bombers.) Civil behavior is the price of admission into civilized company.

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