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Mark and Me on Macro... Financial Crises, Debt Finance...

I was on travel, including my health care debate in Vermont (Robert Kuttner was sick, and David Corn filled in). Now, I have galleys of two books to go over. One is something I wrote quite a while ago with Nick Schulz on the intangible factors that make for prosperity. The other is something on competitive government.

Meanwhile, here are some things that look interesting:

Razib finds a study of cognitive skills and economic decision-making.

Kotlikoff and Leamer on the ideal financial system. I've read it several times, and I'm still not sure I get at what they are saying. It's almost like they want to outlaw debt instruments. Maybe I should come back to this at some point and write a longer post about it.

The top five downloads from SSRN in the latest week. Of course, the pointer comes from Mark Thoma.

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blink writes:

Amazon sent me a notice encouraging me to pre-order your forthcoming book with Nick Schulz... a couple of weeks ago! I'm glad you finally mentioned it -- well, sort of mentioned it -- so at least I know it is real. Your silence is not much of an endorcement, though, considering how much you talked about Crisis of Abundance on this blog. Perhaps that is because of the time delay?

Would you come back to the Kotlikoff and Leamer article and give your perspective? thanks!

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