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Did the NBER create an RSS feed for abstracts of new working papers?

I didn't notice this feature at the nber site, but my Google reader suggested it to me.

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david writes:

No idea either, but there are feeds for individual NBER programs.

And the link to the feed for all new working papers isn't on the page itself, naturally: you have to view the page's metadata or look in your browser's detected list of such feeds.

It's rather odd, really. Perhaps it's a work-in-progress and Google's spider just picked it up early.

Erick writes:

Sounds like an answer to "You might be an econ geek if..."

Zac Gochenour writes:

Many thanks, Arnold! Very cool.

new.xml seems to be an aggregate of all the individual feeds

The feeds aren't new, but as david suggests appear to be a work in progress, as they aren't advertised and only recently are a lot of papers added.

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