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The Washington Post vs. the Obama Administration

Pro-Autistic Economics... Paging Simon Johnson and James...

Opening today's Washington Post, there are three editorials. The lead editorial is on Obama's policies with respect to the automobile industry.

the spectacle of creditors being stripped of their legal rights in favor of a labor union with which the president is politically aligned does little to attract private capital at a time when the government and many companies need these investors the most.

The second editorial argues that the entitlement problem is serious and cannot wait. The third editorial defends the DC school voucher program.

Since we know that the Obama Administration is centrist and pragmatic, the only inference to draw is that the Post has become a mouthpiece for the far right wing.

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JP writes:

Great post, Arnold!

(For newcomers, the last paragraph in the post is sarcasm.)

eccdogg writes:

Kudos to the Washington Post.

When I lived in DC I read the post everyday and found them to be one of the fairest and most moderate of the major papers.

Also they took their job as a watchdog on the Federal government serioulsly regardless of the party in power.

They are more liberal/statist than me, but I find them to be more fair and dispassionate in thier analysis compared to say the Wall St Journal editorials who I agree with more ideologically and the New York Times who I tend to disagree with.

gnat writes:

You certainly got that right!

Unlike Chrysler (which is in bankruptcy and secured bondholders can make there case), some GM secured bondholders apparently are CDS-protected and have a preference for liquidation over reorganization. It is not clear that this is the best outcome.

In addressing Social Security, WPO apparently accepts Tyler's view that "dollars are fungible"-e.g., that the SS trust fund is more like the highway trust fund, rather than like other government trust funds--e.g. the VRS or TSP. The Treasury may (and does) borrow funds from the G-fund in my TSP leaving an IOU but that does not make 'dollars fungible'.

Tom writes:

Gotta love that tongue in cheek humor.

George writes:

Am I the only one who finds himself confused by feelings of respect for the Washington Post editorial staff?

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