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Newt Gingrich connects some dots.

In 2008 alone, the UAW gave $4,161,567 to the Democratic Party, including Barack Obama.

In return, the UAW received 55 percent of Chrysler and 17.5 percent of GM, plus billions of dollars.

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Commenterlein writes:

Newt Gingrich complaining about special interest politics and donations is pretty rich.

Pierre writes:

How much did the UAW donate to Republicans and the Republican party? Honestly I'd be surprised if the answer was "zero."


muirgeo writes:

Any numbers on how much Wall Street put into the lobby pot and how much THEY were paid off?

But I agree money flowing from lobbyist to campaigns is nothing short of bribery and should be outlawed.

Dezakin writes:

Hypocrisy makes good theater.

MikeDC writes:

55% of 0 is still 0.
I'm pretty sure 17.5% of 0 is also 0.

Jesse writes:

The UAW gave an amazing $27,340 to Obama.

That's a lot of money.

SydB writes:

Is this new? Or news? Or just Newt?

I think most of us know that interest groups donate money to politicians and political parties.

If these are the only dots Newt can connect, the GOP is doomed. Maybe he should look for more dots.

J Cortez writes:

I think it's a bad idea to source Newt Gingrich for anything other than hypocrisy. The man is a consummate political hack without any shame. Any point he makes is immediately offset by his and his parties' history and behavior. The republicans do/did the same thing and are as equally worthless as the democrats.

Dan Weber writes:

This feels a lot like Bush's political supporters getting no-bid contracts to "rebuild" Iraq.

It will accrete just as much ire, too.

Jeremy, Alabama writes:

So far, the responses have been:

- Newt is a hypocrit
- Newt said it, and so what?
- Republicans protect their donors, too

Nobody commented on your theme, One-Party State. But the reality behind the news is:

- Democrat donors and loyal supporters were repaid thousands-to-one for their support
- Property rights were obliterated in favor of political allies.

This is naked political power, and the message was certainly received by Big Business: if you want a good return on your contribution dollar, come to the Democrats. And further, without political cover, your assets and property rights are at risk. Political protection is purchased with contributions and feverish participation in Obama's "workshops".

SydB writes:

"Nobody commented on your theme, One-Party State. But the reality behind the news is..."

That's a good point, but cherry picking data from a political partisan (Gingrich) does not make for much of an argument. The GOP were dominant, now the Democrats are.

What's changed in terms of the big picture? Not much, except Mr Kling's side is losing now (to the degree he puts his hat in the GOP ring, which has been much more likely than his support of the Democratic side).

So I think the real response you are hearing is "yawn--got any real news?"

Jeremy, Alabama writes:

Republican donors also benefited thousands-to-one. In many cases, they were discovered and are in jail. Connections between, say, energy companies and Republicans are ruthlessly exposed. Where these connections are not explicitly illegal, they are loudly denounced throughout the MSM.

In comparison, when this happens for Democrats, it is reported as a great victory for the country. Meanwhile, the parties that had their assets seized are described as vultures.

"Empathy" has replaced rule-of-law. Democrats define "empathy", "empathy" is a political good that must be purchased. This is Arnold's point - using the unfortunate Newt as the messenger.

Without such political protection, your business or indeed industry is liable to be destroyed. This is why Obama's "health care workshop" was so heavily subscribed by CEOs desperate to save a role for their companies. Obama's "global warming workshop" was the same demonstration for the energy sector. These were, to me, shocking exhibitions of abuse of power.

But I believe that the true leftist mind sees nothing wrong with this. Business and corporations, if not actually wicked, tend towards the wicked unless held under close political supervision. Republican politicians exercise no such control (for the public good, anyway), therefore Democrat control is not merely necessary but the acme of good stewardship.

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