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Posner and Kling on Financial Regulation

Not From the Onion... Fixing the Health Care System...

Concerning the Obama Administration's white paper, Richard Posner writes,

The report is scathing about the financial incontinence of bankers and consumers but complacent about regulatory failures.

UPDATE: As a commenter notes, my volume is very low relative to the moderator's. But I think it's a good session, with some important agreement between the two guests.

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Sam Wilson writes:

I'm listening right now, and the sound engineering is awful. I can barely hear you, Arnold, and the moderator's mic is so saturated, I fear my speakers will be damaged.

Still, good talk so far. It's about half done, and both guests have made great points.

scott clark writes:

I thought both Kling and Kaufmann were great, the moderator killed me though, his interruptions were too frequent for me and it was made worse that his volume was overpowering.

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