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Econlog Makes WSJ's Top 25

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Econlog is in the top 25 economics blogs, as chosen by the Wall Street Journal. I've waited for my co-bloggers to crow about this, since I'm the newcomer (I started in October 2008), but because they haven't, I will. Of course, we don't know where the Journal put us in the top 25 because their list is alphabetic. But thanks to Arnold and Bryan, and thanks to the thousands of commenters who have helped us get this far.

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hanmeng writes:

It's well deserved, but I didn't like the

Quibble: The blog's libertarian viewpoint means that you can almost always guess the punch line.
They said the same thing about Megan McArdle, but there were no similar quibbles about reliably left-leaning people like Krugman or DeLong.

Kurbla writes:


OK, congrats.

David R. Henderson writes:

You're right. I guess what I liked is that it was just a quibble. :-) I took it as, "Well, I know I've got to say this because otherwise my friends at the liberal/left cocktail party tonight will be all over me." I didn't like their use of the big "L" libertarian, though. I would bet that none of the three of us is a member of the Libertarian Party.

Kit writes:

"almost always guess the punch line"

Obviously it was meant as a complement: Econlog is consistently logical whereas the left-wing economic sites are irrational and erratic in comparison.

bil. A. writes:

Right, right. Clearly the excitement and surprise from not knowing where a blogger is going to come down on an issue is much more important than silly little things like truth and understanding.

Devin Snead writes:

Concerning the WSJ's quibble over the libertarian nature of the blog: The WSJ also released an article yesterday on the economics blogosphere in which they mainly concentrated on Mankiw, Krugman, Thoma, and Tabarrok. They mistaking called Arnold Kling a "conservative":

The financial crisis has helped crystallize the ideological split between the liberal economists who favor government action and intervention in the economy and the conservatives who prefer a more hands-off approach. The result often pits Mr. Mankiw and other conservatives—such as Arnold Kling, an economist and scholar with the Cato Institute who writes for EconLog, or Megan McArdle, a self-described libertarian who blogs for the Atlantic...

The Cupboard Is Bare writes:

Well, I'm glad somebody crowed about it! :)

BTW, it doesn't matter if Econlog was 1st or 25th. The fact that you were selected from God only knows how many economics blogs that exist on the Internet is a major achievement.

Congratulations to all of you!

David R. Henderson writes:

Thanks, Cupboard. :-)

Robert writes:

For me, econlog is a top 4 economics blog along with Krugman, Marginal Revolution, and Economist's View.

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