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Will Chamberlain writes (Will, not Wilt),

Romer, clearly having been influenced by our ideas about bloodless instability, argues that we need to be able to create new countries, without the use of military force, in order to gain access to the innovation in rules that is key to economic growth.

The issue of how to break the concentration of political power is the theme of Unchecked and Unbalanced, one of two books that should be out in a couple of months. Chamberlain's post links to a talk by Paul Romer on the topic. Romer is interviewed in my other forthcoming book (with Nick Schulz), From Poverty to Prosperity. Chamberlain's post also mentions Cardwell's Law, which gets brought up in the interview with Joel Mokyr in the Kling-Schulz book.

When these books come out, I should throw some sort of celebration event.

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Gary Rogers writes:

It seems like the events in Honduras would be a blueprint for "breaking the concentration of political power" but when The United States comes down on the side of the status quo, it makes it difficult to legitimize peaceful change.

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