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Tyler Cowen points to a fascinating paper that measures prosperity by looking at how much light shows up on a satellite image. It turns out that Nick Schulz was thinking along the same lines when he suggested that the cover for our new book should contrast a satellite photo of North Korea (dark) with one of the U.S. (lots of lights). (You may find a different cover pictured on some sites, but that was before the official cover was chosen.)

I really am excited about the book. I still don't know the exact publication date.

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Eric writes:

The standard N Korea/S Korea picture might be a better contrast... plus they fit in the frame together. The S Korean fishing fleet gives off more light than all of N Korea except Pyongyang.

Monte writes:

Junk science jokes aside, wouldn't garbology be a much cheaper and more accurate measure of prosperity than satellite imaging of city lights?

Joe Cushing writes:

It would be more ineresting to see the difference between North and South Korea.

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