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Joel Kotkin writes,

American cities are at a critical moment. Our competitive, commercial urban tradition certainly has its flaws, but it also has produced the advanced world's most dynamic roster of modern cities and regions. Ceding the power of urban planning to Washington will cripple the American city - except, of course, for the one that reigns as locale for imperial control.

Read the whole thing.

I still can't find any sign of my book on Amazon. I thought it was supposed to come out next month. The other book is on Amazon, but with the wrong cover photo. Supposed to come out next month, also, but who I doubt it.

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E. Barandiaran writes:

Great news on unchecked Fed actions. Read
Let's hope that the Fed discloses the details that have requested.

hacs writes:

The book "The new suburban history", partially available at (search for The new suburban history By Kevin Michael Kruse, Thomas J. Sugrue), contains a lot of information about the subject in discussion (city, suburb, federal intervention, etc.).

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