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Gordon Reviews Create Your Own Economy

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David Gordon, possibly the world's greatest fact checker, reviews Tyler's new book here.

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tom writes:

Wasn't anyone in the Econlog crew put off by Tyler's used discrimination against autistics too much? He kept coming back to autistics as a victim group wronged by society. Man up, libertarian!

Tyler also wrapped himself in the mantle of autism. I've never seen him so I don't know if he comes off similar to high-functioning people who have been diagnosed. But it felt a little forced. Gordon's review gets at that when he says "Once one drops personality disorders from the definition of autism, what is left? Evidently it is the ability to classify and the illuminating concentration on detail." If Tyler does not have the personality defects, then he's kind of writing a book about 'look at how I am smart'.

Finally, the disconnect between the title and the subject was remarkable. (Maybe Bryan should have titled his book "How to Influence Voters in a Disordered World".) And, strangely enough, it would have been great if Tyler had tried to live up to his title: he could have had some fun adding a real how-to chapter at the end instead of the big-think.

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