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Trip to Yosemite

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I'm heading for Yosemite later this afternoon. My goal: get to the top of Half Dome. I made it almost the whole way last year. If I get to the cables (in this picture from the web--that's not me; that's someone else) and then chicken out, I'll still be happy.

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Floccina writes:

Sounds like fun. This summer my wife and my two sons and I went to bottom and the Grand Canyon and back up. It was a great time.

Luke G. writes:

Yikes, where will you start from? That's an 12 to 16 hour hike, as a I recall, depending where you start from. Good luck!

Devin writes:

Don't chicken out! I saw a mother with two kids under 10 fly up and down the cables when I was there. Trip took me about 7.5 hours total, but we were pushing the pace. Good luck, it's a truly awesome park, even if it's run by the gov't.

Yancey Ward writes:

Quite a hike if you start from the valley floor. If I remember correctly, it is 9.5 miles (one way) from the top of the second waterfall, but I could be misremembering. It has been four years since I was there.

John F. Opie writes:

Hi -

I've got these views from Glacier Point:


I envy you the hike: I was there with my oldest daughter (19) and she freaked at the idea of getting to the top...


Greg writes:

How did it go? You owe us a re-cap.

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