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Attention Hoosiers

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On Tuesday, October 6th, I will be speaking at Indiana University. The time is 1PM. The location is the SPEA Atrium--I guess if you are familiar with the university, you know where that is.

My topic will be health care economic realities, from which the current debate is largely detached.

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Famous J writes:

I've been in St. Louis too long. When I read that headline, I thought you were giving a talk in South County.

SSB Charley writes:

Will you be speaking at IU Bloomington or IU- Indianapolis? One's across the street from me, the other, an hour south. TIA.

Arnold Kling writes:


tl writes:


noahpoah writes:

This is exciting. I'll be there, and I won't even have to skip class to do so.

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