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As events have unfolded during the past year and a half, a growing number of people have asked me what I think of the economy. I've learned two things from these encounters. First, questioners seem to want sound-bite answers. Incisive and extended answers can cause their eyes to quickly glaze over. Second, I've realized that what the questioners often want is not so much analysis as therapy--economic therapy, comforting interpretations of events and data that can help to ease their inner sense of dread.

This is from Richard McKenzie, "Economic Therapy: Comforting Pointers for Turbulent Times." McKenzie is co-author, with Dwight Lee, of Getting Rich in America: Eight Simple Rules for Building a Fortune and a Satisfying Life. In my review of their book in the Wall Street Journal, I called it "the how-to handbook for becoming the millionaire next door."

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