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My Speech in Denver on Monday

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This coming Monday, November 2, I'll be giving a talk at the Metropolitan State College of Denver.

Title: What Health Economists Know that Obama Doesn't Want You to Know.

Details here.

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Doc Merlin writes:

"What Health Economists Know that Obama Doesn't Want You to Know."

1. Forcing corporations to buy health insurance for workers will increase unemployment.

2. Forcing everyone to have health insurance will increase the price of health insurance and health care.

3. Increasing the price of health insurance will further drive up unemployment (See: 1)

4. Increasing unemployment will increase the number people on the government plan and on welfare benefits and further increase the national debt.

RL writes:

That cost is subjective.

That you CAN pay too much to save your life.

That a true free market in healthcare would NOT look just like what we have now but with individuals paying their medical bills.

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