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Selfish Reason to Have More Kids: Google Fact Edition

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Number of google hits for "childfree": 1,350,000.

Number of google hits for "grandchildfree": 2,380.

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Chris writes:

Interestingly, the first two hits are for
"... Grandchild! Free ..."

phineas writes:

For any google search, the so-called "number of google hits" reported at the top of the google page is meaningless and misleading.

When you search for the phrase "Bryan Caplan", google declares 87,000 pages associated with that search, but if you search for:
"Bryan Caplan" -econlog
(i.e. pages containing "Bryan Caplan" and NOT containing the word econlog), google declares 256,000 associated pages.

When google declares the 87,000 associated pages, it only gives you access to 700 or 800 of them. The other 86,000 associated pages essentially don't exist. Or the great majority of them don't the phrase "Bryan Caplan". Or more exactly, the number 87,000 is just devoid of meaning. It's especially devoid of meaning for reported associated pages numbering in the hundreds of thousands or millions, as is the case for "childfree".

John writes:

Childfree is PC for childless. My child is childless... but then she is just 3.

Jacob writes:

Very clever Bryan. :) I'll be thinking about that one for some time.

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