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It looks like I will have two books come out in the same month. The first one will be out in two weeks, but you cannot pre-order it on Amazon. The second one will be out in three weeks, and you can pre-order the book, called Unchecked and Unbalanced, now.

I think it will particularly interest those of you who have been following my arguments in favor of competitive government and against democracy. The book spells out those arguments and proposes ways to shift more decisions on "public goods" to markets.

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Jim writes:

Strange, I have had both books pre-ordered for some time. Amazon has a delivery dates of
11/13 for "From Poverty to Prosperity" and
12/2 for "Unchecked and Unbalanced". Hopefully those dates will hold.

scott clark writes:

Kindle versions?

Roger writes:

Even stranger, I pre-ordered both books from some time ago, and then sent them a copy of your recent post about "the book Amazon does not want you to read".

A real live person from rang me and said they would probably not be ordering FPtP but that I could pre-order it from This I immediately did, to discover that in Blighty they call it "Economics 2.0: The Story of the Triumph Over Scarcity", with no mention of Nick Schulz. But the image of the front cover they show gives the US title and credits Schulz as well.

What is it about publishing?

Les writes:

What is it about publishing, asks Roger.

As author of 18 published books, and after experience of dealing with several leading publishers, I can say these two things:

1. Publishers are extraordinarily capable - of making any possible blunder.

2> More than once I have congratulated my publishers on the extreme secrecy and amazing security they have maintained on the availability of my published books. If only our CIA could keep secrets that well!

Alan Watson writes:

Amazon lists a used copy of From Poverty to Prosperity for $999.99 (plus $3.99 shipping). What's up with that?

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