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By Popular Demand: a Kindle Edition

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From Poverty to Prosperity is available on Amazon's Kindle. I appreciate the publisher's responsiveness on this. Publishers have tended to think of Kindle editions as like paperbacks--you don't come out with one right away in order to avoid cannibalizing hardback sales. I think that the analogy between Kindle edition and paperback edition is flawed.

In any case, our publisher gave in to popular demand, and I am happy about that.

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JohnW writes:

I don't understand that attitude with publishers. Why not release the Kindle edition immediately, at a price near that of the hardcover? Then, months later, reduce the price of the Kindle edition to near a paperback edition. Seems simple enough.

Doc Merlin writes:

Woot, I was waiting to buy it till the kindle edition came out.

I think they should bundle the book with the Kindle edition, because people want the physical book for posterity with the ease of reading it on the Kindle.

Chris writes:

Any word on an audiobook? Arnold's sultry EconTalk voice would do wonders for audiobook sales!

publius writes:

Thanks, Arnold. Now that I own a Kindle, I don't read books on paper.

David S. writes:

Thanks! They also released an edition for Sony Reader, which is good for us Betamax devotees.

Marcus writes:

Bought it! Thanks.

Is EconLog ever going to be on the Kindle?

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