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Bank Regulation is a Political... Life Extension and the Economy...

Ten minutes, with Nick Gillespie interviewing me and my co-author Nick Schulz. Too bad they didn't film some of the discussions we had before and after we recorded the show. But this will give you a small taste of From Poverty to Prosperity.

I don't know whether this is a bias that every author feels, but I think there is much more in the book than I have been able to sketch in interviews and more than what has come through in reviews. It's a long, complex book. Of course, the new GMU standard is whether its ideas can summarized in five blog posts. I'll leave that to others to determine.

Feel free to suggest ways to use soundbites more effectively to explain/promote the book.

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Fenn writes:

The video rekindled my interest in book 2, and I'll definitely be picking them up w the inevitable B&N gift cards after Xmas.

I think a better way to go at it that the GDP graph and "poor people are now fat" point is to address the the point that many people think things are worse now.

People used to get by on one income, didn't sweat health care, got out of college w/o 50k in debt, etc. Or so the story goes.

Of course no Internet, channel 40 was on UHF, etc.

This approach would work better from a pulpit that ain't pointed at the choir.

Looking forward to picking these up.

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