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David Wessel on the Financial Crisis

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Here, he answers some questions posed by bloggers, including a couple from me. The organizers solicited the questions by email, and they asked us to promote the videos on our blogs. I am not getting paid, and right now I see myself doing the organizers a favor, whereas they probably see it the other way around. You know, David Wessel is a Famous and Important Journalist, and I'm just a blogger.

I am only bothering to link because his views on the causes and solutions for the crisis are completely the opposite of mine. If you want to compare narratives and decide for yourself, you are welcome to do so.

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david writes:

Link broken again ;)

Link to your views should go here. I think you missed a "http://".

[Thanks. I think Arnold fixed it before you even commented on it, or simultaneously.--Econlib Ed.]

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