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You Should Read FP2P

Various Follow-ups... The Gist of Julian Simon...

Or so says Yuval Levin.

I just can't recommend it enough. It's a deeply insightful look at where economics is going and why that should matter to us.

We also get a plug from economics instructor Brooks Wilson.

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Fenn writes:

Ordered my copy y'day. Looking forward to it.

Didn't get book 2. Just a working schlub and that's a lot of $ for 100 pages on my budget (especially since "Not What They Had in Mind" is free.

Got any non-blog reviews of 2? I can probably get a couple libraries to buy it w some positive published reviews.

Les writes:

I have just finished reading it, and I strongly recommend it to both economists and non-economists alike (it has very little technical jargon and no math). The book is very insightful and informative.

The only chapter I did not find excellent was the chapter on entrepreneurship, which seemed simply to repeat well-known generalities.

However, several of the interviews with outstanding economists did provide fresh and important insights into entrepreneurship.

Fenn writes:

2 to 3 weeks to get book 1 thru Amazon. Hopefully means that it's selling better than the publisher expected.

Sean writes:

Tried to order it through a bookstore in Australia - price quoted $64.99 (AUD)!!! As an economist I had to conclude the cost exceeded my expected utility from the exchange. Still planning to buy it - will wait till it gets cheaper in Australia.

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