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Kling and Schulz on Airline Security

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We write,

The security process needs several things it is lacking. It needs continuous adaptation, with a strong focus on satisfying customers and improving results. It needs to find new and better methods of meeting the demands of customers who value safety as well as speed and efficiency. It needs to function in a dynamic environment, disciplined by rigorous competitive pressure.

In short, it needs the market.

Government fails. Use Markets. Our piece highlights the issue of what Douglass North calls "adaptive efficiency," which is a key concept in our book.

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Fenn writes:

"We are preparing these items for shipment and this portion of your order cannot be canceled or changed."

Looks like the publisher got some more printed.

dWj writes:

I've gone to great pains to avoid flying lately, not because of terrorists but because of the "security" rules I'd have to endure. I wonder how this fits in with the cliche about "the terrorists will have already won."

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