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Michael Mandel writes,

It's good to see a book which focuses on this topic, whether the authors call it innovation economics or Economics 2.0 or something else. We need more of this kind of thinking.

My guess is that Michael learned less than most people would from reading our book. His views on these issues were already similar to ours. I met Michael last year at a bloggers' conference organized by the Kauffmann foundation. We spent a lot of time arguing about his thesis that a lot of the economic gains of the preceding ten years had been illusory. I have become increasingly persuaded of the plausibility of that thesis as the state of the economy has sunk in.

His review contains a link to one of my first essays on the health care issue. That essay, written in September of 2004, is still worth reading today.

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John Alcorn writes:

Arnold, Thanks for including the link to your 2004 article, which is a gem. I hadn't seen it before. Wouldn't John Cochrane on health-status insurance be a necessary piece of the overall health-insurance puzzle?: "Time-Consistent Health Insurance", JPE 103:3 (June 1995) 445-473; and I recall that you linked to the latter a while back.

blighter writes:


Just finished FP2P a few days ago, loved it. I'm proselytizing for it among my friends as much as possible. I've never had much success driving sales so far as I know (apparently my reading tastes are generally considered too eclectic and unreadable for my compatriots...) but I'm doing my best.

At any rate, keep up the good work, I'm now leaning towards buying the Unbalanced one despite it's non-availability on Kindle...

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