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On February 4th, Nick Schulz and I will speak at Cato. Details here.

One idea I've toyed with is what I call a "house concert." Just as some musicians give concerts in people's houses, I was wondering if there are folks out there who would like me to come speak, using a house as a venue. I think that if you can find twenty people willing to attend, it ought to be worth my while to come speak. My schedule is more open from May through August, but if folks in a warm climate wanted to hear a talk in January or February I think I could find a slot.

Leave a comment or send an email if you think you might want to make something like this work in your city or town.

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I live and work in DC. If anyone sets up something around here, I would love to come and hear one of your lectures Dr. Kling.

Ian writes:

I would be happy to help organize something in Baltimore.

Nicola writes:

How do you feel about coming to Yale? It's not exactly WARM, I'm afraid...

Peter Twieg writes:

If you did something open to the public at GMU, I'm sure you'd be able to get more than 20 people..

Bman writes:

Would love to help organize a session in Philadelphia.

Arnold Kling writes:

The Cato event will be in DC.

Those not in DC, if you could send me an email at, and we can see what might work.

Ryan Singer writes:

I'd love to do one in San Francisco, if you find yourself out this way.

I live in Oakland, but my parents have a large house near Stanford that would be great for this.

Colin K writes:

I'd be interested in something in the Boston/Cambridge area--my apartment is too small but I am sure I could rustle up a suitable space elsewhere.

I could probably rustle up a couple dozen people mostly in the tech/entrepreneurial world as well as a few progressives with a more ecumenical bent to make things interesting.

Arnold Kling writes:

Ryan, Colin,
contact me at and let's see what we can arrange

Frank A writes:

I'd be happy to set-up something in Kansas City. I'm sure you are ready for some more great BBQ!

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