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by the Kauffman Foundation. It's not a random sample, so the results are not terribly reliable. And even if you had a reliable of sample of economists' opinions, they might disagree on a lot of these issues. And even if they agreed, they could all be wrong.

But there are ways in which the survey reflects economists' points of view that differ from those of others. In particular, I think we understand better than the typical citizen the role that government health care programs play in the outlook for the deficit. And I think we understand better than others that private-sector labor unions are no longer significant.

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Gary Rogers writes:

It does not take much to predict that Washington will not be able to reign in their spending. Interest rates must rise resulting in a real mess and a bad economy for generations. On the other hand, if Washington performs a miracle and controls spending, the austere outcome will create a recession/depression that will last for at least the next 10 years. The second option is much better but neither is anything to look forward to.

ThomasL writes:

Nifty idea. Would you be open to reporting what your own answers were?

KevinH writes:

When I read the headline, what I actually saw was:

"Cats Herded"

I do, however, agree that economists typically understand the role of government spending and private labor unions better than the average citizen...even if that statement is a tad bit elitist.

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