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Separation of Health and State Debate

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David Balan and I are going to debate "the Separation of Health and State" before the GMU Econ Society

The time: Wednesday, March 24, at 5 PM. 

The place: Fairfax campus of GMU, Enterprise 80. 

The resolution:
Significant governmental involvement in health care is both economically sensible and morally just.
Hope to see you there.

P.S. David and I will probably have a pre-debate exchange on this topic right here on EconLog.

P.P.S. The schedule conflict between the debate and Joel Mokyr's seminar has been eliminated.  The noted economic historian's talk will now run from 3:30 to 4:45.

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Jayson Virissimo writes:

Is the debate going to be recorded?

R. Richard Schweitzer writes:

Will this necessarily consider the functions of governments local, state and federal?

Which governments will you include?

Will there be an examination of the Constitution for "Moral Authority" to supplement enumerated powers?

Why are you making me wish I were back in Great Falls instead of up here in MA.?

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