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My talk, given at the U. of Tulsa. Perhaps a bit too wide-ranging, but you decide. The main theme is trial-and-error learning, as opposed to central planning. It was supposed to be a house concert, but the host was afraid his place was too small, so we did it at the university. But if you want me to do a house concert in your town, and you think you can get an audience of 20 people or so, leave a comment.

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AMG writes:

Arnold, thank you for posting the talk. I would love to host you in Amherst.

wintercow20 writes:


I've already got 30 or so students in Rochester (or nearby) who would love such an event. Perhaps in mid-fall (to view the changing leaves).

Steve writes:


If you host Arnold in Amherst, would you be willing to take in strangers to listen to the talk?

Michael writes:

Good talk as always.

There is a group of students who would love to have you in Malibu.

Martin S writes:

New York City.

Mr. Econotarian writes:

I prefer techno over house...

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