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Mankiw's just blogged two new economically enlightening cartoons, here and here.  Is Yoram Bauman's Cartoon Introduction to Economics blazing a trail?  If so, I want in!  Maybe I should adapt Selfish Reasons to Have More Kids as a graphic novel.  My preferred narrator?  The nerdiest childhood picture of myself I can find.

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nazgulnarsil writes:

I tried to convince the mises forums a while back that this was the way to go for approachability of content. the massive circulation of the crappy "Money as Debt" video speaks to the demand for this sort of more digestible format. A version that doesn't veer off into conspiracy and politics would be cool.

Phil writes:

Here's a 9 minute cartoon called "Make Mine Freedom." It says it was made by Harding College in 1948.

Phil writes:

Oops! Here's the link.

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