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Watch Out, Tulsa

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I will be speaking on April 15th at the University of Tulsa, in Lorton Hall 207 at 7 PM. The address is 2820 E 5th Place.

I don't have a clever title for the talk, but I plan to bring up the issues raised in the widely-unread Unchecked and Unbalanced, particularly the idea of competitive government.

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Amaturus writes:

I'm a Tulsa native and the city itself is broke and has been since long before the crisis. The most obvious sign is the sad condition of the city streets. I don't think you'll have trouble convincing people that government doesn't know how to govern in an increasingly complex world because the city of Tulsa can barely manage the fundamentals.

mark writes:

On the bright side, for a tourist, Tulsa has surprisingly interesting Art Deco architecture and also significant prewar blues and jazz sites.

Micah Stubbs writes:

I look forward to your talk at TU!

I am an officer in the University of Tulsa chapter of Students for Liberty...we are very interested in your presentation, and would be willing to assist with promotion of the event.

Who would be the best person in Tulsa to speak with for details on the event?

ThomasL writes:


I can give you all the info and answer any questions: t |_a_t|

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