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May Day Remembrance 2010

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It's once again May Day, and therefore once again time for grateful bloggers to dance on the grave of Marxism.  As usual, Jonathan Wilde of Distributed Republic has volunteered to be lead choreographer of this annual May Day Remembrance.  My little jig is already up.

Wilde will be updating the links throughout the day, so stay tuned.

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Hume writes:


When is the next EconLog Book Club? Also, is there a link to your discussions of For a New Liberty? Thanks.

[The links to the discussions of For a New Liberty begin with for Chapter 1. An easy way to find them all is to do a search on EconLog and then sort by date. -- Econlib Ed.]

Kurbla writes:

Hm ... this action has the taste of fascism to me.

There is nothing wrong about remembering the evils committed by socialists. Quite contrary! But if you do that this day, it is pretty much like Muslim group that organizes "Remembrance of American Imperialism" - on September 11.

Andy Hallman writes:

What is the point of such a day? Are you trying to say that the Moscow Trials were a logical consequence of accepting Marxism, and we should oppose Marxism on those grounds?

Also, is the day meant to honor the victims of governments that were nominally communist? Or is it meant to honor those killed in an effort to advance communism?

Lastly, given that you live in a country where essentially no one supports communism, wouldn't it make more sense to focus on the crimes of anti-communists, since those are the ones Americans are more likely to downplay?

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