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You know the bumper sticker I see a lot of in California? It says "Visualize World Peace." A takeoff is "Visualize Whirled Peas."

Well, this one helps you visualize the growth of per capita income and of life expectancy.

HT to Leif.

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MikeP writes:

The default settings show the log of income. That isn't very visceral and actually hides the gains. I think you get a better visualization if you punch the "LINEAR" button on the horizontal axis.

Sam writes:

My favorite bumper sticker on this theme (that I've actually seen in Berkeley) is:

Visualize Using Your Turn Signal

John Cunningham writes:

Amazingly cool graphic! I think it is worthy of Edward Tufte, a genius of graphics.

David R. Henderson writes:

Good one.
John Cunningham,
I agree. My favorite Tufte is his one showing the effects of Napoleonic conscription combined with a trip to Moscow.

fundamentalist writes:

Yes, very cool!

Al Abbott writes:

Reminds me of Has Rosling's TED talk in 2006.

Mr. Econotarian writes:

Has Rosling's TED talk is great with regards to data. It is terrible with regard to spin. His spin is "poor countries can become richer", missing the important question of why some poor countries become richer and others remain poor, as if it is just luck, magic, or foreign aid, when the data supports countries becoming richer because of improvements in economic freedom and governance.

That aside, my favorite California bumper sticker is "Visualize using your turn signals!"

William Newman writes:

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