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Gender and the Financial Crisis

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Anthropologist Lionel Tiger says,

in general I think it's the case that females don't go for that kind of money because they don't want to.

I have said on a number of occasions that if someone put me in charge of systemic risk in the financial system, my policy would be to change the gender of bank CEO's. That is not Tiger's policy, however.

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Steve Waldman writes:

are you proposing a change in personnel, or surgical intervention?

razib writes:

apparently a manager at SAC Capital was making his quants take estrogen a few years back.

Alanna writes:

Our Superintendent of Financial Institutions here in Canada is Julie Dickson. Coincidence, perhaps, but I like to think of it as a step in the right direction.

Brian Clendinen writes:

I totally agree, there of couse are exceptions with woman but I think as a policy that would be good idea, Wall Street should also be dominated by woman CFA's. I also happen to think the same for Primary education but have men in charge in the classrooms.

Yancey Ward writes:

Easier to marry a bank executive anyway.

Rchard writes:

Change their gender, or change their sex? And no, I'm not just being persnickety. The comments from Steve Waldman and razib get at the same distinction.

Nobody Special writes:

"my policy would be to change the gender of bank CEO's."

Then your would make matters worse. The women who are in line for those positions are at least as aggressive and risk-taking as the men.

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