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Pre-Order Selfish Reasons to Have More Kids

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I won't submit my final manuscript for another week or two, but you can already pre-order Selfish Reasons to Have More Kids from Amazon.  Neat.

HT: Adam Ozimek

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StrangeLoop writes:

Hmm. I've never pre-ordered a book that far in advance (since Amazon reports its release date as April 12, 2011).

I think I'm going to make an exception, but Amazon better not lose my order in the meantime!

Brandon Robison writes:

@StrangeLoop: Amazon won't lose your order, but they also won't charge your credit card til they ship it.

BTW Bryan, I still need to get you to sign my copy of Myth of the Rational Voter...

P.S.H. writes:

Where are they getting the page count?

blink writes:

Maybe this is incentive to submit the final manuscript! Do you know whether a Kindle edition will be available?

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