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Thank You IVF, Friedman Family Edition

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Several friends have advised me to tone down my book's trenchant defense of assisted reproductive technology.  Patri Friedman's just given me another reason to stand my ground:
We are delighted to announce the birth of Iselle Rose Friedman early this morning, August 30th, 2010. She is a healthy baby girl, weighing 5 pounds, 13 ounces (2.635 kilos), born by C-section at Sai Kiran Hospital in Hyderabad, India, after 38 weeks gestation.
If you're asking yourself "Hyderabad?," the natural explanation is that Iselle is the fruit of fertility tourism: An Indian surrogate carried the Friedman fetus to term.  A baby enjoys the gift of life, her family is thrilled to have her, a surrogate earns vastly more than typical Indian wages, and the world gets another Friedman.  We truly live in an age of miracles.

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kevin writes:

Tsk tsk, Bryan. Don't you know paying poor people to do valued work is exploitative?

mobile writes:

With birthright citizenship, I wonder if there's a business opportunity for matching American surrogates with rich (and patient) foreigners trying to secure permanent residency.

mobile writes:

Oh yeah, and Congratulations, Patri!

A writes:

Congrats to Patri.

But if you believe in miracles and consider yourself a defender of reason and science, yet claim to believe in miracles, then you need to watch ICP's "Miracles" video:

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