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A Rationally Optimistic Price?

Self-Discrediting... Data Bleg on Post-WWII Transit...

A reader alerted me that the current Kindle-edition price of The Rational Optimist is zero. At that price, you simply must download it.

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dave k writes:

Got it! Thanks for the tip.

C Palsson writes:

Thanks for the hat tip! I grabbed my Kindle immediately.

Eric writes:

Thank you Arnold, this just resulted in me buying a Kindle!

ThomasL writes:


Beyond Amazon, don't forget to check out Project Gutenberg, Google Books, and of course, the "Portable Library Liberty" for thousands of free ebooks to stock it up. Some, like Google Books, would require converting to the Kindle format, but it would be worth the effort.

Franklin Harris writes:

I'd already purchased the hardcover, but seeing as I subsequently purchased the new-generation Kindle, well, let's just say the price is right.

Greg Finley writes:

The time cost of reading it, of course, isn't zero, but hopefully it will prove worth it.

Hyena writes:


Patri Friedman writes:

Looks like $16 to me, maybe I missed the window?

rpl writes:


I just checked it, and it's still free. Look for it on the top-100 free list; it's currently #12.

Geoffrey writes:

I found out yesterday!!!

I was going to buy it anyway.
I was amazed by the 100% discount.

I was going to email you but it is good to see that somebody has already found out and the news is out there..

PhD Economics - George Mason..

guthrie writes:

And for the same price, Hyena has given me a new word! Thank you, sir!

J. Daniel Wright writes:

Thanks for sharing, Arnold.

Corey writes:

Darn, I caught this too late. It no longer appears to be free.

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