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The Real Heroes of Western Civ... Cato Unbound, Self-Recommendin...

Maybe this isn't Robin Hanson's greatest hits, but it's a start. Listen when you have an hour and a half. I'll refund your money if you're not satisfied.

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fructose writes:

Where was he speaking? Why was everybody there retired?

It's a fantastic talk, his ideas presented here are sort of like a grand unified theory of history, but it actually seem plausible to me.

One thing that I find missing in these syntheses of Robin's ideas is the evolution of money. He hints at the fact that once growth rates reach a certain level, it is infeasible to have an antiquated payments system run by a monopolist central bank as a clearing house...but the more interesting question is what happens when, in RH-time, everything slows down and eventually stops at some sort of equilibrium?

Of course the mechanics of the money we use wouldn't be very well suited for that type of world at all.

Kalim Kassam writes:


Robin explains over at his blog:

This morning I gave a 90 minute talk to ~70 retired folk at GMU’s lifelong learning institute, on a grand history of primates, foragers, farmers, industry, ems, and future stability.
I really would like a greatest hits. It's not easy to navigate his output, something like Moldbuggery perhaps.
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