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I recorded a segment of the John Batchelor show, a syndicated radio show, on Friday, October 8. It played on Thursday, October 14. It's here. When you click on the link, go to about the 28:00 point and the interview goes for about 10 minutes.

We discussed the Tennessee fire, Krugman's analogy between the fire and health care, the New York cop who blocked the woman from getting health care for her daughter, how Canada's governments regularly forcibly prevent Canadians from paying for health care, the mini-meds and discretionary policy, why any hope for repealing Obamacare will be dashed if Mitt Romney is elected, and, although I didn't call it this in the interview, what Ayn Rand called "the aristocracy of pull."

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aez writes:

The "aristocracy of pull" section is the entire book condensed, without the purple sex and cartoon figures. I love that speech. She could have written that and stopped, as far as I am concerned.

David R. Henderson writes:

I wouldn't go as far as you, but I do find it the best part of the book.

Stephan writes:

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