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Counterexample on Female Pathology

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In an excellent post earlier today, co-blogger Arnold, discussing "Suits vs. Geeks" in the financial industry, writes:

I don't think female executive minds are as capable of the same pathology.

That's crying out for a counterexample. Here's mine. Listen to what former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright says.

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Hyena writes:

I think what Prof. Kling is underestimating how much "suit culture" selects for certain personality types more than gender. Aggregately, women might be less prone to this sort of sociopathy but if we're going to play omnipotent dictator, we may as well start selecting for personalities directly.

I also doubt a natural increase in women would have any effect: the women who rise to the top will be much the same as the scum there now. Again, even if there are fewer in the female population, selection systems are probably powerful enough to find them.

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