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I like this talk a lot, particularly since right afterward I did not think it had gone well. This was the talk where I thought that I was speaking to backers of the Republican establishment, and what I told them was not exactly what they wanted to hear.

You will hear a lot of stammering, but considering I was going without notes, that's not so bad. I find reading from a prepared text too boring, so the price I pay is a lot of utterances of the "uh...uh" variety.

Anyway, the theme of the talk is that we need competitive government in a post-industrial society.

For more speakers from the retreat, go to this page.

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nonymous writes:

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Douglass Holmes writes:

At one point in your talk, you said, "There is no perfect solution to the problem of government."

That was my favorite part of your talk, and it is the best line for enticing me to buy a book that I don't have time to read.

Jeremy, Alabama writes:

This is the first time I've downloaded one of your talks and I really enjoyed it, thanks.

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