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Econlog Makes WSJ's Top List

Jacob Hacker Admits that Gover... Case in Point...
Arnold Kling and Bryan Caplan at Econlog are also very good for a libertarian-inclined view of the economic world.
This is from Alen Mattich, "The Best Economics Blogs," Wall Street Journal, December 30. He omits my name. Of course, there are two interpretations of that omission: (1) he's in a hurry and is used to thinking of Econlog as Arnold's and Bryan's because I joined "only" two years ago, or (2) he doesn't think my work rates with theirs. I don't know which is correct. Of course, I prefer the first.

HT to Alex Tabarrok.

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I vote for the first.

Various writes:

Yes yes, definitely the first. You have nothing to worry about.

jeff writes:

no offense intended, but your posts are usually orthodox "libertarian" as opposed to "Masonomic" and have always seemed out of place here to me (a long time reader). I am surprised it has been 2 years and I still use "Kling/Caplan blog" and "econlog" interchangably when discussing this site.

David R. Henderson writes:

Thanks, David L. and Various,
You're both kind.

libfree writes:


3. He has a personal ax to grind with you, possibly from a previous life?


dullgeek writes:

Nothing personal, but I still think of it as Arnold's blog since when I started reading it, he was the sole author.

That said, I should really try and correct that internal thought. Because I truly enjoy the posts made by Bryan and David. Although I do miss the pointed discussion question that Arnold used to give at the end of each post.

Lucas Reis writes:

Maybe they don't think you have a "libertarian view of the economic world"!

fundamentalist writes:

I like this blog a lot more than MR. And I find it odd that Mattich id'd this blog as libertarian and didn't id any of the other blogs as having an ideology. They all do. Most are Keynesian and very left wing.

And I don't see MR as an econ blog any more than I thought Freakonomics was about economics. Both are more about statistical oddities than anything with occasionally bad economic theory.

Bill writes:


I've been a fan since your first edition of the Fortune encyclopedia. When I visit Econlog, I search out your recent posts first.

Ben Bursae writes:


I would definitely think #1. It was you who sparked my keen interest in economics after taking your Econ class at NPS (resulting in my current enrollment in the GMU Econ Ph.D program), and it was definitely you who brought my attention to this excellent blog! Your book "The Joy of Freedom" is inspiring, and I enjoy using your Concise Encyclopedia that my wife got me for Christmas last year! Once again, thank you for everything you do!

Hyena writes:

Prof. Henderson,

I think #1 coupled with what seems like a lower posting rate.

Liam writes:

#3/ It's a conspiracy.

william d writes:

I noted that the WSJ reference omitted David Henderson's name (unintentional?). Econlog is the first blog I check each day and I look forward to the contributions of all three contributors--each unique and edifying.

For the record, Mattich did apologize for the omission in the comment section for the WSJ piece.

Todd Kuipers writes:

I too, vote for the first, emphatically. But then I'm partial, being a big fan of expat Canadians writing about economics. Congrats Profs Henderson, Caplan and Kling - truely my favourite blog.

James writes:

Big Fan too David! Must be number 1.

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