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Benjamin or Benny?

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I don't get to see $100 bills very often and so I've never paid attention to the picture of Ben Franklin on it. But the controversy about the U.S. government messing up on $100 bills got me looking more closely. The picture on the $100 bill looks a lot like the late Jack Benny. Here's the best picture I could find in the wikipedia entry (Jack Benny is third from the right):


Here's a link to the best one I could find but I'm not putting it here because I'm concerned about copyright. (Scroll down to the bottom.)

And now look at the picture of Benjamin Franklin on the $100 bill.


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ThomasL writes:

Jack Benny, had he done nothing else, would deserve great and undying credit for his role in 'To Be or Not to Be'. "Yes, I thought you would react just that way..."

They do look alike. I hadn't seen it before either. I think it's the lips.

Richard A. writes:

From left to right --

Eddie "Rochester" Anderson
Dennis Day
Phil Harris
Mary Livingstone (Jack's wife)
Jack Benny
Don Wilson (Jack's announcer)
Mel Blanc (voice of Bugs Bunny and many, many others)

Jacob Oost writes:

You can also see a naked man with a large penis on a pack of Camel brand cigarettes. There is also a lion there. (no, I'm not a smoker or a pervert, it's something I remembered from high school psychology class over a decade ago).

Grant Gould writes:

Aren't the goldbugs always telling us it's just funny-money? Guess they were right this time.

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