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The Age of Relationships

Why the Great Leap Forward Was... Reflections on a Metaphor...
Google Ngram roughly confirms my hypothesis about the timing of the rise of the word "relationship."  Use roughly doubled from 1950 to 1970, and reached its current plateau in the mid-80s.

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Pandaemoni writes:

Though the word "relation" meaning a family member dates back to the 1500s, so "relationship" is not that big a stretch.

Troy Camplin writes:

"Significant other"

has a much earlier beginning than one would think

Jacob Oost writes:

Oh my gosh, how did I not know about this? Ngram is my new toy, what a great Christmas present! For fun, try these word pairings: Coke/Pepsi, Stalin/Hitler, North/South, East/West, Mac/PC, Chaplin/Keaton, etc.

Stalin/Hitler is probably the most interesting graph so far.

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