Bryan Caplan  

Open Borders Haiku

Light Blogging... Questions on Immigration...
Markets champ at bit
To end global poverty
But statists say no.

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Ricardo put forth
comparative advantage
to defend free trade.

Scrutineer writes:

It is champ not chomp
Please forgive my pedantry
I cannot help it.

Kevin Dick writes:

+1 to Scrutineer's comment. I was going to say the same thing but he beat me to it. Pedants of the world unite!

dave smith writes:

You must "help it," sir
since language is emergent
so chomp is OK

(Alright, that stunk.)

G writes:

Sacrificing America
a classical liberal society
on the altar of purist libertarian dogma.

MikeP writes:

Trade and migration:
Unalienable rights
In any birthplace.

Tom Dougherty writes:

With open borders
Not enough tools per worker
Here wage rates plummet.

The Sheep Nazi writes:

The four sweetest words
In all the English language
Are, 'get off my land.'

Foobarista writes:


Arthur B. writes:

DHS tells me,
I can't invite who I want
on my property

Oliver Beatson writes:

Brief and elegant,
Economics as haiku:
Should do more often.

Daniel Kuehn writes:

I could never write
Poetry of any worth
Oh wait! A haiku!

...I suppose that still doesn't guarantee it's of any worth.

BadgerDave writes:

On a per word basis, the most efficient blog post I'll read (probably for the year, at the very least for this month)

Steve Johnson writes:

Import poverty?
No poor American Swedes
Friedman understood

lawrence writes:

lady liberty
once proud with arms open wide
foot in mouth, she weeps

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