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Robin Hanson on the Singularity

An Assignment for Progressives... Health Care: Costs, Spending, ...

Self-recommending, until I get the 90 minutes to listen. I have heard Robin talk on this subject, and he is fascinating.

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fructose writes:

An excellent talk. One of the things I think Hanson should have mentioned earlier was the fact that early agriculturalists seem to have been poorer (shorter/more malnourished, etc) than hunter-gatherers, which demonstrates that a step "forward" can lead to actual declines in standard of living, by making reproduction faster.

Jeremy, Alabama writes:

I listened to an hour or so. I'm not sure who invented the Singularity concept, Hanson or Kurzweil or perhaps a group of people, but I find Kurzweil's coverage more thorough and insightful.

If there is a difference, Hanson emphasizes the economic aspects (growth rate, employment) over the technology - whereas Kurzweil pursues the intersection of ultra-cheap computation, self-replicating nanotech, and biotech. E.g. nanotech blood corpuscles, nano-scale brain scans, brain wetware 'rehosted' on silicon running a million times faster, solving the speed of light problem, thermal limits to computation, and so-on.

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