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The Market for Dancers

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The shortage of men at Edgewater Pointe Estates is a perennial fact of life at retirement communities and nursing homes around the country, where women often outnumber men 3-to-1. Forget finding a mate - finding a man to dance with is tough enough.

Edgewater's solution? Hire them.

This is from Matt Sedensky (Associated Press) "Short on men, retirement home hires dance partners" in today's WaPost.

The article also notes that the complex brings in volunteers "from a local college fraternity."

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mobile writes:

This is why I'm teaching my daughters to like football.

dave smith writes:

Biology (instead of technology or demand)driven PSST?

Tom Lee writes:

In the movie "On Golden Pond" the lonely Henry Fonda character gets on so much better than expected with his teenage grand-stepson during summer vacation, that the Katharine Hepburn character announces that she should have rented him a grandson years ago.

Pandaemoni writes:

I'm against it. We compete for women our whole lives, and the one time women are forced to compete for us, someone brings in younger, healthier boy-toy competititon.

Mo writes:

My sister-in-law worked as a nanny on one of those around-the-world cruises. Aside from the family she worked for, almost everyone else was a senior citizen.

Apparently, the cruise ship gave older men free trips but they had to dance with all the old ladies each night. My sister-in-law said at the dances these hired guns would dutifully go around to each woman and ask to dance.

Amaturus writes:

My undergraduate college town was small, so that frat houses had to compete with one another for the honor of going to the residence home dances. We had mandatory volunteer hours, so it's not like we didn't get anything out of the deal. I also learned how to waltz.

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