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Three Amusing Links

My Talk at Berkeley... Murphy on Airline Security...

1. AOL buys Huffington Post for over $300 million. I did not realize that April 1st came in February.

2. A License to Shampoo. The WSJ covers a topic that would be my focus is somebody made me "jobs czar." Or Constitution czar.

3. Russ Roberts and I talk about the PSST paradigm. I have not listened yet, but it's self-recommending.

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Brent Buckner writes:

"Self-recommending"... cute use.

Philo writes:

"Constitution czar"--what a priceless idea! But can anyone imagine Obama's appointing a Constitution Czar?

Jonathan writes:

Russ spent a while pointing out that recalculation is constantly occurring, and usually occurs far more smoothly and less painfully than now. Seems to me that clearly sometimes the next step up is a simple hill climb toward the local maximum, and sometimes it is a dip away. Nothing technical there, just an intuition.

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