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Or something like that. Via Greg Mankiw, I learn that the Hamilton Project

has launched a prize competition to identify new and innovative thinking about policies to create jobs in the United States and enhance productivity.

My suggestion would be to create health care and education enterprise zones. These would be experimental counties where for a ten-year period government would enforce no licensing or accreditation requirements for individuals or institutions providing education and health care services. Laws against fraud would be strictly enforced, so that you could not claim to have a medical degree when you lack one. But otherwise, the question of who could provide service would be determined by consumers, not by government.

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foreignstudent writes:

My suggestion for the Hamilton Project: Make prize contests that don't exclude bright foreign students from participating. If you'd otherwise want them to create jobs in america, why forbid them from sharing their ideas about it? Oh, the irony.

Jacob Oost writes:

Kling stole my idea. Darn you Kling! :::shakes fist:::

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