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I have to put together two presentations in a hurry. One is for this Senate Banking Committee hearing on proposals for housing finance. Actually, I probably will just speak extemporaneously to attack the other witnesses' proposals, and just hope that my temper stays in check.

Then, next Friday, I will be at the Kauffman Foundation bloggers' conference in Kansas City. I am going to cobble together a presentation there, also. If someone wants to get together in KC, let me know. My schedule is limited. Leave a comment if interested.

Also next weekend, I will be in St. Louis. Just getting together with folks I know there. But there might be spaces in my schedule. Again, leave a comment if you want me to try to fit you in.

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Alex J. writes:

I'm in Kansas City and wouldn't mind getting together. I don't have a "Top 10 List of Things I Would Do With Arnold Kling in Kansas City", but lunch sounds fun. :)

David R. Henderson writes:

Dear Arnold,
Congrats. Make sure that when you testify that you "request that your written testimony be placed in the record as if read." The Chairman will always say yes and that you get both your written comments and your extemporaneous comments in.

ThomasL writes:

Dr. Kling,

Do you happen to know if the Mar. 29 hearing will be on any of the CSPANs?

Adam B. writes:

What part of St. Louis? I'm a young armchair economist considering my next steps, one of which could be a foray into grad school.

If you have a few minutes for me to pick your brain, I would really appreciate it.

David writes:

Does it cost anything to attend the presentations, or can one just show up? I don't see anything about prices at the Kauffman Foundation's website.

Seth writes:

I'm interested in a get together in KC if time permits.

Arnold Kling writes:

I expect some C-span coverage. Follow the link to the committee web site to see if they offer any clarification.

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