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Jeff Frankel Channels Bryan Caplan

Tune In... What Would Robin Hanson Say?...

Jeff writes,

Whenever a candidate promises to "give the American people a government as good as they deserve," I can't help thinking, "no, no; don't do that!"

Pointer from Mark Thoma, who is not only indispensable but is blogging from the same Kansas City hotel where I am. He and I are both hoping that the employment report due out soon will be good news.

Frankel is writing about the advantage of giving more power to an elite fiscal reform commission. I have to imagine that the author of the Myth of the Rational Voter would agree. To those of us who would gripe that the elite is too willing to go with high government spending, Bryan presumably could counter that he would not expect the average voter to support meaningful spending cuts once those are made explicit.

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joe cushing writes:

I think the aveage voter would be happy to see big cuts. It's only a loud minority that feels otherwise. I suspect this may be true--even with entitlements. It angers me that anyone who talks of of raising the retirement age wants to give a free pass to the baby bommers--the generation most responsible for the mess. They need to start raising the age now. Tell me, would it hurt if sombody thought they were going to start receiving payments in September had to wait till December? No. You could raid the age increase the age on those who are about to receive payments right now.

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