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Religious Turing Test Update

The Power of Folk Macroeconomi... Sentence to Ponder...
Leah Libresco is moving forward with her proposed religious Turing Test - and she'd appreciate your comments on her draft.  Stay tuned for the result.

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PrometheeFeu writes:

OK Bryan, if you do the ideological version of this (or economics or whatever) here is a lesson to be learned: You need much fewer participants than 15. I'm trying to read all of these and I can't keep the various participants straight in my mind, there are just too many of them. By the time I'm done reading the 10th one, the 1st is long forgotten. I would say take no more than 4 including the "pretender".

BZ writes:

I can't get over how so many of the atheists point to a "lack of reason" or "lack of evidence" to support their disbelief. Logic would suggest that doubt, not disbelief would be the proper course in that case.

Which brings me to my question: Have the testers gone and defined "atheist" to mean the same as "agnostic"? If not, can someone explain why the dictionaries (and thus, English speakers) are wrong in distinguishing those two terms in the way they do?

Jim Object writes:

Action stations. Set condition one throughout the blog. Launch the alert vipers.

Inbound Murphy.

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